Mission Viejo Country Club

Codes of Decorum

The members at Mission Viejo Country Club extend a warm Southern California welcome as you prepare for your upcoming visit to our Club.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the driving directions and interactive map provided which will assist you with your travel plans. Also, to ensure your enjoyment along with that of our members and their guests, we bring to your attention certain aspects of decorum that we hold dear.  We sincerely appreciate your patience as you take the time to review these guidelines. It is our wish that you enjoy your time while at Mission Viejo Country Club.

Upon Your Arrival…

While at Mission Viejo Country Club, please observe all signs and be aware of the need to stop if players are crossing the road. After announcing your arrival at the security station, please drive through the gated entrance. Immediately after entering, turn right into the parking lot.  Vehicle parking is not permitted directly in front of the clubhouse, so please park in the lot to the right side of the entrance road.

Proceed to the clubhouse where you will be greeted by your host and directed to the locker room to change shoes and/or clothing.

Smoking, Cell Phone and Computer Policy

The Board has prohibited smoking in and around the clubhouse, including the Artisan patio, fire-pit area, and the walkways between the two clubhouses.  This includes e-cigarettes. Smoking is permitted in all areas of terrace patio, on the golf course, and on the events lawn. There are signs communicating this policy around Club. Receptacles are available to ensure smokers properly dispose of their cigar and cigarette butts.

Dress Policy

The Dress Code policy at Mission Viejo Country Club is established to allow all members to maximize their enjoyment of their Club. It is rooted in the members respecting their Club and their fellow members. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure their family and guests are aware of the policy before using the facility. Staff has been given the responsibility of rigorously enforcing this policy and ensuring the facility is only available to those in compliance.

All clothing must fit appropriately and be neat, clean, and in good repair (no holes or frays).

Denim is not permitted on the golf course or practice areas.

Gentlemen must wear tucked in collared shirts. Mock-turtlenecks are acceptable. Shirts with squared off bottoms not intended to be tucked in may be worn out. Shorts must have a minimum 17” sideseam or not more than 4” from top of knee. Shorts may not drop below bottom of knee. Tank tops, T-shirts, sweats, and athletic jerseys are not acceptable attire. Hats must be worn with bill facing forward, however all hats must be removed before entering main clubhouse.

Ladies must wear golf shirts or blouses, and tailored slacks, dresses, skirts, or Bermuda shorts. Skirts and shorts must be a minimum of 17 inches in total length (side seam), or not more than 4 inches above the knee. Tank tops, halter-tops, and sweats are not acceptable golf attire.

Appropriate tennis, pool, and fitness attire must be worn in these areas and may be worn in Terrace Grill and Terrace Patio. Other than in the pool area, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Tennis attire is not permitted in the main clubhouse after 5:00pm. Prior to 5:00pm, tennis attire must be covered with a warm-up

Golf Shoes are not permitted in the main clubhouse.