Mission Viejo Country Club


At the MVCC Tennis Clubhouse we offer tennis racquet re-stringing, re-gripping, and customization services.


We have a variety of strings available.  We carry the top strings in Poly’s, synthetic gut, and multifilament.  Billy can recommend this best string for your game!

We can re-grip your racquet with a variety grips including….leather, synthetic and contour.  If it’s just an overwrap you want, we can do that too!

With the right equipment we offer a racquet matching service.  We can customize your racquets swing weight, balance (how headlight or head heavy it is), and static weight.


If you have a racquet that has been discontinued we can find you the most similar current model.  We can help you with recommendations on:

        Racquet length     Balance point
        Overall weight      Grip size
        Racquet size          String choice
        Swing weight        String tension

Experts recommend having your racquet strung:
1. 2x- A simple rule of thumb: Restring your racquet as many times a year as you play, on average, in a week.  For instance, if you play twice a week, your racquet should be restrung twice a year.

2. Listen- When you tap a strung frame against your hand, fresh strings will produce a resonant sound or “ping”.  While dead strings will produce a deep “thud”.  So if you don’t hear a ping, it’s time to restring.

3. Haven’t Played- Even if you don’t hit one shot, your racquet will lose tension.  If you haven’t played for a few months, you should restring.  Even the perfect racquet won’t perform if your strings have lost tension.  After all, your strings are the only thing that touches the ball.

4. No Control- When your strings lose tension, you have less control.  So missing that cross-court shot by four feet doesn’t necessarily mean you are playing worse than you were last week.  It could easily mean that your racquet needs new strings. We can have your racquet back to you within 24 hours if need be!