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Membership Types

All memberships with the Club are inclusive of you, your spouse, and dependents under the age of 24.

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Regular Membership

Full Equity: This is an equity membership that includes full access to golf, tennis, pickleball, swimming, and all club facilities upon payment of the initiation fee.  This membership provides the new member with full voting rights as an owner of Mission Viejo Country Club.


Tennis/Social: This non-equity membership includes unlimited use of club amenities including dining, tennis, pickleball, swimming pool, and the fitness center.  Reserve members also enjoy golf privileges once per quarter at a special rate with practice and range access on the day of your tee time included.  The member may bring guests upon the payment of a guest fee.


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Wait time is approximately 8-10 years

Non-Equity: This non-equity membership has restricted tee time and tournament privileges until conversion to full equity, at or before age 40.  The Junior member pays a non-refundable initiation fee and receives a discount on their dues and food & beverage minimum.  The initiation fee may be applied toward the purchase of a Regular membership and the price is based on the market rate at the time of conversion.  In addition to the golf course and practice facilities, Junior members also have access to all club amenities including dining, tennis, pickleball, swimming pool, and the fitness center.

*Limit of 25 Junior Executive Memberships



Wait time is approximately 3-5 years

Non-Equity: This membership is for individuals who live 100 or more miles from the Club and includes access to golf 48 times per year, tennis, pickleball, swimming and all club facilities. National members pay a lower initiation fee, have lower dues, and pay a lower food minimum.  This non-equity, non-voting class of membership has restricted tee times and tournament privileges.

*Limit of 30 National Memberships


Non-Equity: Parents must hold a regular equity certificate and be in good standing. Like the Junior Membership, this membership class will have two categories of membership: a junior category for members under the age of 30, and a junior category for members between the ages of 30 and 39. When Junior is 40 years of age, they may accept the equity and responsibility of the previous equity their parents had upon the sale of their parent’s membership or transfer to senior status (as permitted by current by-laws) with no transfer fee. It is not until this time that the junior receives the equity of the previous membership that they become a full-equity, voting member.  This non-equity, non-voting class of membership has restricted tee times and tournament privileges until conversion.

If parent sells or abandons his regular equity membership the legacy must convert to another available class of membership.

*Limit of 25 Legacy Memberships

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